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The Pink that Wasn’t

Pink was February’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge color.  At the beginning of the month, I went through my eBay scraps and dug out all of the pinks.

Pink Fabrics HP

Look how bright and cheery.  I was super-excited.  I guess pink didn’t feel as personal to me as blue, so I was less worried about messing it up.  Also, there are fewer variations in pink, so what I had seemed to work together better than the blues did.

I cut into about half of the scraps for 1/2″ and 1″ hexagons and I started basting.

Pink Hexagons Cut HP

And that was it.  Cute, but not many.  The Handstitched class and my quilt Midnight Garden took over (not to mention all of the snow days and school vacations and sickness) and that was all for the pinks.  I looked at them all month, but I didn’t get anything else done.

I doubt I’ll even pull fabrics for March’s RSC color, because I have a LOT to do for Midnight Garden, but I’m sure I’ll still enjoy seeing what other people are doing.  I linked up with the RSC at soscrappy this week, even though I don’t have much to show.

The Hexagon Diamonds Blues

The title is descriptive of the photo and of my mood.

Blue Hexagon Diamonds HP

The diamond on the right is pretty clearly light blue, though some hexagons are more greenish or greyish.  That just adds interest.  The one on the left is just barely darker than the “medium blue” one in the middle.

I’m not going to sew any of these up.  They’ll just go back into the “blue” container as loose, basted hexagons.

I do think that I learned I only need two shades of blue for I’m Not a Machine, though, and maybe greenish-blue, if I have enough fabrics in that shade, which I doubt.

All told, I learned a lot about color and value this month, even if I didn’t get much done besides basting.  I’m looking forward to next month’s color.  I hope it’s an easier one, like orange.

Linking to soscrappy’s RSC.

Blue Hexagons

Thanks to all of the encouraging comments last week, I decided to pull two bits of every piece of blue fabric I have (even some that are clearly too greenish, too multicolored, or too greyish) and baste them up, then try to separate them into light, medium, and dark blue piles.

Blue Hexagons HPI’m actually basting with white thread.  The blue in the photo is in case I feel confident enough to sew a medium blue or dark blue diamond together.  I feel pretty confident that I can make a diamond from these hexagons that reads light blue to me, but I’m still worried about the lack of difference between dark blue and medium blue.

Well, that’s what experiments are for.  More basting!

Linking up to soscrappy’s RSC.

Medium Blue Hexagon Diamond?

Medium Blue Hexagon Diamond HPI’m not even sure what I think of these blues anymore.  What is “medium blue” anyway?

Argh.  Well, I THINK this hexagon diamond would work for I’m Not a Machine, but I don’t even know.  I think I need to make a yellow hexagon diamond up because the uniformity I was able to achieve on the orange one was a fluke.  I think.  I dunno.

Spare Blue Hexagons HPThese are the blue hexagons I basted that didn’t seem even close to medium blue.  Yes, one of them is green.  I do love the swirly blue in the middle on the right.  I’m looking forward to the “light blue” RSC month.

Maybe I just need to baste all of the blues and later sort them into stacks of light blue, medium blue, dark blue, and green-blue.  Or maybe just wrap dark blue into medium blue for only three stacks?

This is making me a little crazy, so I’m mostly going to let the rest of this month’s RSC pass me by, I think.

(Lots of uncertainty and “I think” in this post, I know.)

Linking to soscrappy’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge post for the week.


More Blues

I’m having no luck at all finding medium blues.  I went into my ongoing wonky squares bed quilt project and pulled out some blue scraps:

Medium Blue Scraps HPThese are teeny, tiny pieces and the more I look at them, the more I think they’re not medium blue.  I also bought a bunch of fat quarters, which I love, but they’re also not really medium blue.

Blue FQs HPEven though these pictures are terrible, you can see how all of these fabrics are different shades, only some of which will barely pass for medium blue.

I’ve decided that I’m going to base up some 1/2″ hexagons from all of these fabrics (and the ones from last time) and then lay them out and see what I can do with them.

It might be that 2015 is my year to learn about color along with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and not make too much of anything, which is fine with me.




January’s color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015 at soscrappy is BLUE!  Not light blue, not dark blue, just blue.

I LOVE blue, and many of the scraps that I bought from eBay are blue, but I don’t think I have many of the right color.  I went through them and found some, but not many.  I don’t want to cut into the blues I have for my wonky blue/purple/green quilt since it’s not anywhere near done yet.

RSC15 Blues 1 HP

This picture isn’t exactly true to color, but you can see that most of the ones I pulled out are too greenish/turquoise (on the upper right).  The ones on the upper left are too grey, even the ones with gold and silver.  The bottom ones are mostly just wrong in various ways.

The only two I think are actually BLUE blue are the polka dot in the top row and the trains on the lower right.  Sadly, the trains are really a short little strip and I’d like to fussy cut some of the train cars out of it, leaving me with very little.


Hmm.  Maybe if I go into my project box only for little bits that I’ve already cut and use them for 1/2″ hexagons, it’ll be okay.  I’ll have to think about it (and look in that project box and see if I kept any tiny scraps from the work I did on it already).