Blue Hexagons

Thanks to all of the encouraging comments last week, I decided to pull two bits of every piece of blue fabric I have (even some that are clearly too greenish, too multicolored, or too greyish) and baste them up, then try to separate them into light, medium, and dark blue piles.

Blue Hexagons HPI’m actually basting with white thread.  The blue in the photo is in case I feel confident enough to sew a medium blue or dark blue diamond together.  I feel pretty confident that I can make a diamond from these hexagons that reads light blue to me, but I’m still worried about the lack of difference between dark blue and medium blue.

Well, that’s what experiments are for.  More basting!

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6 thoughts on “Blue Hexagons

  1. Carol

    I found it hard to decide what is light, medium and dark so I just went with what I felt I would use in my quilt. I’m using batiks throughout the whole quilt as I really want to use up my batik scraps so I can purchase more batiks. I promised myself no new ones until I used up the older pieces.

    1. HP Post author

      Batiks are goregous. I’d like to work with them more, but I’m trying not to buy until I have a specific project in mind for them.

  2. Marsha Cooper

    I’ve also been working on a small project with blue hexagons this month. Now I do need to push myself to actually finish the project over laying it aside because a new color will be starting soon.


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