Monthly Archives: November 2016

Shirt Patch

I wasn’t planning on this, obviously, but I caught my shirt on a nail and ripped it near the side seam.  I had some red scraps out for my as yet unblogged project and decided to use some to fix the rip.





You’ll note I used black thread on a red patch.  Laziness because I was using it to baste hexagons, but also the largest dimension of the front patch is only about 1 1/2″, and this is on the side down near the bottom hem so it’s very unobtrusive.  I also sewed the patch on the front before the smaller patch on the back, so some of the back stitches come through the front.  In real life, they’re TINY, so I don’t care.

I’ve worn it a couple times since sewing the patch and I don’t notice it at all.  It washed well, too.


EPP Fish


It’s an EPP fish of my own design.  I didn’t embroider/applique the eye or fin yet.  Looking at it, it doesn’t need the fin.

As you see it, it finishes at 5″ x 6″.  Just the fish, without the surrounding water, is 3.25″ x 4″, which is a slightly weird size, but that’s how to proportions of the fish looked the best.  That dorsal fin had to be tall.

No, this isn’t the unblogged project from my posting hiatus.  It’s a new (slow) project and there will be more fish/sea life EPP blocks to come.

Third Grackle

Third grackle in its two frames for Grackle Party.  Front:


And back:


You don’t need to see the backs of these anymore.  They’re all quite boring, but if you have any questions about the backs, ask and I’ll answer.

No, it’s not flat.  I’m hoping it relaxes when I have a chance to press it, then more when the papers are out.  I was about 1/8″ shy on both sides of one of the brown mitered corners, which was enough to make it cup up.  I’m finding that I’m not a fan of pointy triangles.

Fixing Mistakes

Months ago, I sewed the orange frame together with whatever thread I had handy.


Since I’m working on the project again (and adding what you see above), I decided to rip out that seam with dark thread and start again.  It’s a tiny bit of wasted work, but worth it especially now that I bought orange thread for my other project.

This square will also finish at 5″.  You’ll note the much larger grackle in the center.  That’s from the same fabric as the other, but with much larger grackles.  I’m glad I ordered the large size, too.  It adds a lot to the layout.

Grackle Party Center Square

I can’t believe I actually blogged about this project before I stopped posting for months.  Well, here’s the center square (not on point yet) of the project now known as Grackle Party all sewn together, EPP-style.


It’s about 5″ square and not quite flat in real life.  I’d rage-quit on it after sewing the reed at the bottom on wrong, but I fixed it at the sit-and-sew at my local quilt shop (new “local”), and here it is.  And here’s the back:


I actually took this out to work on as a break from another (much larger) EPP project I started a couple of months ago, which I definitely have not blogged about.  But I do have pictures, so someday.

I’m done making promises about posting more frequently/ever.  I just need to do it for myself as a record of what I’m doing.  And maybe other people will enjoy reading it.  We’ll cross that bridge when we’re near water.