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Fixing Mistakes

Months ago, I sewed the orange frame together with whatever thread I had handy.


Since I’m working on the project again (and adding what you see above), I decided to rip out that seam with dark thread and start again.  It’s a tiny bit of wasted work, but worth it especially now that I bought orange thread for my other project.

This square will also finish at 5″.  You’ll note the much larger grackle in the center.  That’s from the same fabric as the other, but with much larger grackles.  I’m glad I ordered the large size, too.  It adds a lot to the layout.

“Berries with Lemon” Progress

I didn’t make as much progress on this nightstand topper for my son Sec as I would have liked, but some progress is better than none.  I got the binding sewn on the front.

Berries with Lemon Progress HP

I really, really like the back.  It’s much cooler than the front.  No label yet.  That’ll have to wait for my next Spoonflower order, so it might be some time.  It’s not going anywhere and I’ve documented it here, so I’m not too worried.

Berries with Lemon Progress Back HP

I actually made a bunch of mistakes with this project.

First, I didn’t make the backing significantly bigger than the front on all sides (there was some leeway on the long sides, but none on the short), so spray-basting it all together was a nightmare.  I was afraid that it would shift badly if I machine-quilted it, so I decided to hand quilt it, but I wanted to get the binding on while I had my machine out, so I did that.  It’s a little project, so I think it’ll be fine.  I think I’m only going to tack it all down at the corners of the squares.  Warm and White says you only need to quilt every 10″ and I don’t think it’s going to be washed often, so it’s likely okay.

Berries with Lemon Progress Oops HPSecond, you can see where my machine sewing failed when I was adding the binding.  I sewed too narrow a seam allowance, so it wasn’t hard to fix, just annoying.

I cut everything very carefully, had my (new) walking foot on, and went super-slow.  I’m beginning to think my 1/4″ seam allowance woes aren’t all me, but may be at least partially due to my machine.  I’m going to have to try out a new machine at the quilt shop.  I realized that I’m having no fun at all doing the piecing because I dread the wonky seams.

At this point, I’d rather hand-sew than drag out the machine.  <sigh>  I don’t want anything fancy, just a machine that feeds evenly.  Yes, I just had it serviced.  Argh.

Well, I only have hand-sewing left on this one and then it’s a finish!

Fixed Apron Strap

I’ve been thinking about quilting all week, but I made myself shorten the strap of the toddler apron I made, as well as the existing ones in the classroom.  The teacher said they were all too long and I wanted her to have useful aprons while I worked on the new ones.  I couldn’t bring myself to do all of the cutting and ironing-on of interfacing.  Bleh, ironing, especially with a damp pressing cloth.

The strap fixes turned out okay except for the one where I cut the diagonal wrong.  (See?  I’ll need that skill for binding my future quilts.)  But I patched it with a different print and it’s not too bad.

Fixed Apron Detail HP

I felt bad about it since the one I messed up was one of the ones from the classroom, not the one I made.  But I fixed it and it’s a Montessori classroom, so they’re all about making mistakes and learning and fixing.

Fixed Apron HP

Maybe it’s even a little fun?  I went for a contrasting fabric on purpose since there was no disguising what had happened.

You’ll note the pockets on this apron.  The teacher said they weren’t necessary on the ones I made, so the project became that much easier for me.  She said what I thought, that the kids just filled them with dirt and random stuff and they caused more harm than good.

Anyhow, this part is done.

I’m searching for scraps.  I wish I had sewing/crafting friends.  I signed up to take a “Scrap Quilt” class at the local quilt shop, so maybe they’ll have some leads on scraps.  I feel kind of silly buying fabric for a scrap class, but I’m going to have to.  They said to bring 10″ squares for the first class.  I don’t think a 10″ square is a scrap, but to each her own.