1. Who are you and why are you doing this?

Good questions.   I’m a relatively new sewer/quilter whose non-sewer/non-quilter friends must be sick of feigning interest in my new hobbies, so I decided to cut them a break and just blog about it.  They can subscribe to the RSS feed and if they see something they want to talk about, they can approach me about it.  Then I don’t have to worry that I’m boring anyone, they don’t have to feel like they’re hurting my feelings by being bored, and everyone’s that much happier.

I’ve been following a lot of quilting blogs since before I decided to start one.  These quilters are fantastic and inspiring–not just the piecing and quilting, but also the work ethic it takes to post regularly.  Seeing a single picture one of them posted actually made me decide to work on my piecing skills until I could make a quilt like one of hers.

As an added bonus, if any quilters ever start reading my blog posts, maybe they can offer me some guidance.  I’m trying to figure best practices out on my own, but since I don’t even have a grounding in the basics, it feels overwhelming sometimes.

I’m also liking the structure that blogging’s providing, as well as giving me the incentive to learn to take better pictures.  Writing more often than never is turning out to be fun, too.

2. I meant personally:  Who are you?

I’m a stay-at-home mother who needs a creative outlet.  It used to be knitting and crocheting as well as various other crafts, but my children are quite young and can’t be trusted with a ball of yarn or the like.

My children, all male, are Prim (4), Sec (2), and Ter (6 mo).  The older two need bed quilts, but I need more skills before that can happen.  The youngest won’t need a quilt until he’s in his toddler bed.  Baby quilts are stupid.

3. Why do you hate baby quilts?

Babies don’t need quilts.  They’re a hazard in the crib, they’re useless on the floor, they’re too big for the car seat.  They’re just a waste of space.  A toddler-bed-sized quilt is an appropriate and thoughtful baby gift.  It’ll actually get USED, for at least a year before the transition into a single or double bed.

Also, babies don’t need shoes!

4. That shoe thing was super random.  I have another question.

That wasn’t a question, but I’ll answer it anyway.  If you have a question, comment here and if I have time and I think it’s a good question or it actually gets asked multiple times (you know, “frequently”), I’ll answer it and disappear the comment(s).

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    1. HP Post author

      Are you using Feedly? Other people (okay, one person) have reported problems getting the feed to add to Feedly. I’m not familiar with it, but try going to Feedly.com, searching “HandcraftedPrecision.com” and clicking the plus sign on one of the posts of mine it finds.

      Alternatively, switch to a better RSS aggregator like NewsBlur.


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