Medium Blue Hexagon Diamond?

Medium Blue Hexagon Diamond HPI’m not even sure what I think of these blues anymore.  What is “medium blue” anyway?

Argh.  Well, I THINK this hexagon diamond would work for I’m Not a Machine, but I don’t even know.  I think I need to make a yellow hexagon diamond up because the uniformity I was able to achieve on the orange one was a fluke.  I think.  I dunno.

Spare Blue Hexagons HPThese are the blue hexagons I basted that didn’t seem even close to medium blue.  Yes, one of them is green.  I do love the swirly blue in the middle on the right.  I’m looking forward to the “light blue” RSC month.

Maybe I just need to baste all of the blues and later sort them into stacks of light blue, medium blue, dark blue, and green-blue.  Or maybe just wrap dark blue into medium blue for only three stacks?

This is making me a little crazy, so I’m mostly going to let the rest of this month’s RSC pass me by, I think.

(Lots of uncertainty and “I think” in this post, I know.)

Linking to soscrappy’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge post for the week.


9 thoughts on “Medium Blue Hexagon Diamond?

  1. Nanette

    I really like your blue hexies, but I asked myself the same question many times about medium blue. I ended up tossing in some dark and light because I just didn’t have a lot of mediums. I like your idea of basting your blues and sorting later……less crazy making :)

  2. Pamela Arbour

    I don’t think it really matters that all of your blues aren’t medium blue. What matters is that you have made a lot of hexies that are ready for a project. I think it is great that you got that many done!

  3. Deb@asimplelife Quilts

    Some months it’s best to go with your scraps and let them tell you what to do… I don’t have many blue scraps so am planning to use all shades for contrast and to empty my bin. Next month might be different depending on the color. I’m sure you will find a use for all of your pretty hexies!

  4. Marsha Cooper

    I pulled out my hexagons. I didn’t have many that I could say were just blue. It didn’t matter much as I only had 2 paper pieces. I had to start trying to put together a blue table topper with what few blue hexagons I already had made. Hopefully I can free up a few papers.


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