Tiny Flower Garden Mockup

I don’t love traditional Grandmother’s Flower Garden layouts, with large flowers and green paths, but what I especially don’t like is the very uneven edges.  I don’t want to do half-flowers, either.  I already have twelve flowers done and don’t want this project to become a huge deal.  I also don’t like GFGs when there’s no path and just a jumble of flowers (though I see how that could be pretty–argh!  No sidetracking!).

This is how I’m thinking of finishing my “Tiny Flower Garden”:

TFG Mockup HP

Pretend that the hexes touch.  The flower colors in the mockup don’t correspond to reality. I’ll applique the finished garden onto more of the same background fabric (right now, I’m planning on that being a beige crosshatch, but I’m not sure the color’s right) and then quilt (by hand? dunno) and bind the straight edges normally, probably in green.  I have a green fabric in mind for the single “leaf” hexes.

I need to get the leaf hexes basted, then I’ll lay it all out and snap a picture.

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