Tiny Flower Garden Layout

Since “Tiny Flower Garden” is a practice project, I’ve decided not to agonize over it (anymore).  I decided on a layout.  Also, I think twelve flowers is about my maximum.  It’s going to be a wall-hanging.  For an idea of scale, this layout mostly fills two sheets of letter-sized paper.

TFG Layout HP

You can see that I decided on scrappy centers.  The bright yellow, while a fun fabric that I’m glad is in my stash, just didn’t look right with the other fabrics.  I’ve kept one center in that fabric, though, since I need some movement and interest.  I don’t want to have all of the centers (or the flowers, for that matter) in the same value range.

I was trying to figure out what to do with it when it’s done, when Prim walked by it as I was taking the picture and said, “Ooh!  It’s so pretty!”  I asked him if he wanted it to hang on his wall when it was finished, he enthusiastically agreed, so now it has a home.  Also, even though I don’t love the Grandmother’s Flower Garden Pattern, I find that I like working on it more now that it’s for him and not just an exercise or technique practice.

I really like the green flowers for the dots.  They’ll blend in well.  I also like the light beige crosshatch background hex a lot more, which is great, since I have a yard of that fabric.  I won’t need anywhere near that much for this project, but it’s a great neutral. I was just worried that it wouldn’t look right.

I’ve been impatient about actually sewing things together, so I’ll baste the rest of the green “leaves” and background pieces later.  Next up, joining flowers!

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