Year-End Wrap-Up 2016

Well, this year I moved to a new state (again) and had a(nother) baby, so not too much on the crafting front, but there were some things, and I’m feeling pretty good about 2017 on a crafting/blogging front:

  • I started sewing again with the Grackle Party project in the spring.
  • I moved and half-unpacked my sewing/craft room.
  • I then started the as-yet unblogged 1″ hexagon diamond rainbow bed quilt.
  • I started designing and testingĀ EPP sea-related blocks.
  • I started blogging again in November.
  • I made and finished an as-yet unblogged EPP drink/snack mat for Prim, which he wants to use as a wall-hanging.
  • I re-started blogging again in December.
  • I got obsessed with teeny tiny minuscule hexagons.
  • I thought about how I want my crafty 2017 to look.
  • I wrote and scheduled this post.

The end.

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