Third Scrap Class

For the third scrap class, we were supposed to bring scrap strings (narrow strips of fabric).  As usual, I came with nothing and used some of the instructor’s scraps.  She said to grab random ones, but I’m not so good at that, so I grabbed blues and greens.  We sewed them together the long way, then used a 60 degree triangle ruler to cut six triangles.  She said to do the same thing again with new scraps.  I chose reds and oranges and ended the class with this:

Pieced Triangles Warm & Cool HPEach of those is a stack of six and I love love love them.

The class project was the make a star out of them with a white fabric background, and I bought the white fabric for it, but I didn’t love it.  When I put the pieces on black to take this photo, wowza!  I fell in love with it.

Now I just need to get up the courage to attempt (AGAIN) to sew straight 1/4″ seams and get this put together.  It’ll be too big for a pillow cover, so it’s going to be a wall hanging–I even know who it’ll be for.


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