First Scrap Class

The scrap class was a lot of fun.  I had to attend with my baby, which was less fun, but he stayed quiet in his stroller through most of it.  Well, about half of it, but I’d not planned on staying the whole time anyway.  Kid’s gotta nap.

The instructor had scraps for us to use, so I didn’t have to buy and fabric, which was awesome.  I was there for all of the first project, which was sewing the 10″ blocks together around the perimeter, then cutting them into non-equal ninths, then opening them and pressing and flipping them into new combinations and sewing them back together.  I do’t have progress pictures, but here it is finished:

Scrap Block 1 Front HP

I learned that my seams are TERRIBLE.  Nothing matched.  I don’t think it’s the machine, but I can’t imagine it was me.  I was going super-slow and it should have worked.  I need to practice a lot more.  Here’s the back:Scrap Block 1 Back HP

I got my second sewed together and immediately cut it wrong, which is a shame because I really like the fabrics.  I suppose I can cut it more and use the center pinwheel and the half-square triangles for something and the rest can go in my scrap bin.

Aborted Scrap Block HP

The instructor told me to dip back into her scrap piles and try to make another block.  I managed to measure right this time for the cutting, but my seams were still awful.

Scrap Block 2 Front HP

I have a picture of the back, but I’ll spare you.  I chose fabrics I thought Prim would like, but I have no idea how to use this in anything, short of cutting it up and salvaging the owl on the bottom right.  I guess these two blocks will form the beginning of the “orphan blocks” pile.

The second project was English Paper Piecing.  She gave us each a 3″ paper hexagon (3″ for one side, 6″ from point to point) and some fabric to loop over the shape and baste closed through the paper.  Then we were supposed to sew them together on one edge to make a needle book (or something? I dunno).  I had to leave before really working on this, but I did take some very cool fabrics and cut them to size.  Who has time for hand sewing anyway?

Scrap Class Hexes HP

And if I really wanted to make a needle book, I’d make it more like a rectangular book so it would be more stable.

See, super-cool fabrics.  Now I’m thinking I need to use them for something and they’re already cut so much that if I cut them more, I’ll lose the interplay of shapes in the fabrics.  <sigh>  Well, these’ll go in my “I just don’t know and even if I did, I need more skills” pile.  I have a feeling a lot of things from this class are going to end up in that pile.

Bonus front of onion fabric picture:

Scrap Class Hex 2 HP

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