Class Quilt Reverse Applique

I’m not loving the reverse applique process so far, but I’m learning a lot.  Let’s start with a cool image.

Freezer Paper on Background HP

This is my black background fabric with the freezer paper adhered to it.  Remember this image, since I came to a realization about it further along in the process.

Reverse Applique Supplies HP

You really, really need that little brush for the starch.  I’m glad I had one handy.

Background Pressed HP

See those terrible corners, inside and outside?  Yeah, I really didn’t like doing this.

More pictures of the ugly, please excuse the shadows:Messy Corner HP       Messy Corners HP

Look at them with the “feature” fabric inside:Two Blossoms HP

Not terrible, but not great.  Why?  Because it’s a MEDALLION quilt and the very central fabric has to be outstanding, not necessarily a busy print, but it has to draw your eye, like the black center in the first photo above.

Duh, I said to myself, but I wasn’t about to jump ship and change plans.  That’s why you’re looking at two medallions.  I did the plain white one first, thinking I’d spice up the inside with embroidery and/or quilting (like a real dogwood blossom–lines on the petals and circles in the center), but it wasn’t grabbing me so I used the biggest black and white print I had, but that print’s not special enough to be the main focal point of the quilt.

I think I know how to fix them, but I need to get them stitched together first.

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