Yellow Hexagon Diamond in Progress

I’m pretty proud of how my first hexagon diamond turned out, and I wanted to see how it would look in a different color, so I got all excited and started cutting little squares from all of my yellow scraps (and yardage).

Unbasted Yellow Hexes

I got a bunch basted, but I’m not too happy with the layouts I’ve tried.  I’m beginning to think that I just don’t have a wide enough variety of yellow fabrics.  I’m trying not to repeat any fabrics in each diamond.  I’ve done a bunch more fussy-cutting, since it was so popular with Prim, but bees seem to be over-represented.

The scrappy oranges seemed to all meld into one another, which I liked.  When I looked back I saw it was because the fabrics had mostly just shades of orange and white, with a little yellow thrown in.  These yellow hexes have all sorts of colors, including strong ones like brown and black.

I have to decide if I just need to beg and buy more yellow scraps/fabric or if I can be content with a diamond with more variety.

I know this diamond project is going to take years and in the grand scheme of things, a few diamonds that I end up using for things other than the final project (whatever it ends up being) is no big deal.  But this is my first EPP project and each diamond takes SO LONG.  I know they’ll go faster as I get more comfortable hand-sewing, but I might not sew another for a little while.  Basting is nice and safe.

Yellow Hexagons and Loosies WM

I basted some extra oranges and had some fun fussy-cutting other fabrics.  I now have a nice little pile of multicolored hexes that aren’t going to fit nicely into any color scheme save “totally random”, which is kind of cool.

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