Yellow Hexagon Diamond Problems

I’m still not happy with the layout for the yellow hexagon diamond.  I basted a bunch more yellow hexagons, but I can’t get them to play nicely with each other.

Yellow Hex Diamond Layout

This isn’t the best picture, but you can see that I have a pretty wide variety of yellows, large differences in intensity, as well as lots of other incidental colors.  I think it’s too much black and brown (and orange!) and I’m pretty sure I don’t like this layout.

Here it is next to my completed orange hexagon diamond (which is upside down in the picture, but you get the idea).  See how much better the orange flows?

Yellow Hex Diamond Layout with OrangeI’m at a loss for what to do next.  Either I need more yellows, or I need to get used to the idea of more variety in the diamond (which might be a good thing, since it’s hard to find yellow prints with just shades of yellow).

I guess I just have to let it sit a while.  I have plenty of other project to work on, like poor Sec’s pumpkin quilt.  It’s getting COLD here.

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