Ugly Headband

I’ve been working my rear off on Midnight Garden, my quilt for the Handstitched class (I’ve almost got the center all sewn together!), but I’m only loosely following Rachel’s instructions for the Modern Medallion quilt.  This means that I’m way, way behind.  If I want the souvenir from the class (and I do), I need to make something from each week of the class.

Week 3 was embroidery.  I chose to EPP my “jewels” round of the quilt, so I made this headband instead:

Ugly Headband HP

I made it using materials I had on hand, and I did half-ass it, but it’s done.  (Yes, I used a paper towel as the backdrop.  Wanna fight?)  If I had to make a gift for a long-haired child I REALLY liked, I might make this without cutting any corners.  It was relatively quick to make and if I’d put more time and care into it (ie, measuring), it would have come out very nice.

Now, back to working on Midnight Garden.

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