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Modern Medallion Inspiration Links

Even though I went in a totally different direction with my “Modern Medallion” quilt from Rachel at Stitched in Color’s Handstitched Class, I wanted to share some of the very inspirational posts that I saw while I was still thinking about completing it as presented.

First, Happy Go Lizzie’s flimsy is gorgeous in its constrained, muted color palette, except for those pops of yellow in dark grey.  I also really liked her diagonal quilting in the random squares part of the quilt.

Another detail of diagonal quilting in a fall palette from Ginette.

A flimsy full of brights, fussy cutting, and leaves from Kellyfairy, displayed like stained glass.

Amanda from My Sewical Hour discusses her slow stitching, decision making, and inability to complete someone else’s pattern.  This one really spoke to me, because it turns out I have the same problem.  (It doesn’t help that this is/was one of my first real quilt projects–I think I just wanted such a big project and finish to be MINE.)

A happy, bold, FINISHED Modern Medallion by Emily.  It can be done!  Someone finished it and the hand quilting is wonderful.

Another muted, constrained palette for the flimsy which stuck with me.  This one’s by HNoelMauri.

And, since months have passed, Kelly Kruzner’s flimsy in seaglass blues.  I LOVE it.

I didn’t go in any of these directions, but they all added something to my process.  I love that people share their work, especially when it’s so beautiful.