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1″ Hexagon Decisions

I’ve been basting fabrics from mini charm packs (and now charm packs, too) around 1″ hexagon papers and 1/2″ hexagon papers.

The 1/2″ hexagons are destined for my ongoing rainbow project “I’m Not a Machine“.  The ones that don’t fit into the color scheme (and duplicates of the ones that do) are going to become some general, scrappy projects, likely small ones, along the lines of notebook covers or doll quilts.

But I didn’t have a plan for the 1” hexagons.  I was worried that the fabrics from the different lines wouldn’t play well together and I didn’t have enough of any one to make a sizable project.  My sewing relative (SR) said that they’d look fine together and that the more different fabric packs I used, the better they’d all blend.

Four Charm Pack Hexagons HPShe was totally right.  Even without mixing up the different fabric lines, they look good together, though the one on the right will look best mixed in.

This simplifies my storage and construction options considerably.  I’ve decided that after I’ve taken a picture of the basted 1″ hexagons from a particular pack, I’ll store them all in a bin together.

1in Hexagon Bin HPThe bin’s pretty tall, so I can shake it around before I pick out individual hexagons to add to a project.  What am I going to make?

Pillow covers for the couch!  We’re using pillowcases now, which are easy to clean when the kids get stuff on them, but they’re ugly and it’s like we’re living in a frat house.  The pillows are 16″ squares, so I’ll need about a hundred to cover each pillow.  (CD Designs has a pretty good tool for figuring out how many of whatever-sized hexagon you’ll need to fill a specific space.)  The backs will be solid (for napping), and I’ll use an invisible zipper to close.  I’m going to machine quilt these babies, too.

I’d like to have a lot more hexagons in the bin before I finish a pillow, but I might pull some out soon and start sewing them together.  I also need to look at my scraps and see what I can fussy-cut for interest.

I love having a plan!