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Handstitched Class Quilt Decisions

I’ve been agonizing too much about what I want to do for the Handstitched class quilt “Modern Medallion”–I’m going to call mine “Bold Tranquility” and I’ve tagged this post and the first with that name.

Black and White Prints HP

Even though I bought this third print, thinking to use it for the central dogwood blossom, I’ve decided not to use any prints at all, just fabric and pearl cotton for quilting in white, black, and a few greys.

If I hate how it’s turning out, I can make it into table topper and try again with the prints.

I got my freezer paper and my spray starch (and sizing, just in case).  Tomorrow, I’ll iron and start cutting.  I hope to do the hand sewing on the central dogwood blossom over the weekend, but I doubt I’ll be able to take my machine out for joining the next three rounds until Monday.


Handstitched Class Quilt Fabrics

Starting tonight (and for the next nine weeks), I’m taking the Handstitched class by Rachel from Stitched in Color.  I’m really looking forward to it–especially making the hand stitched class quilt, Modern Medallion.  Here, she features some students’ class projects.  It’s nice to see all of the different colorways for the quilt.  Look at this FABULOUS muted and slightly modified version by Happy Go Lizzie on Flickr.  (Please excuse my laser focus on the quilt.  It’s crept into my dreams).

I’m going to do a black/white/grey version, though I still have some decisions to make, like “Should I use the left-hand print in the photo, the right-hand, or neither as my central dogwood blossom?”  The prints are actually shades of grey and black on a white ground–my lighting was not so good.

Black and White Small Prints HPI was thinking about going with a white blossom and embroidering or hand-quilting in some detail and interest, but I really like these prints.  I might use the more open one (on the right) in the central blossom and both elsewhere (there are some little dogwood blossoms in a later round, and the print on the left could easily mix in with the various greys for the square patchwork section).

Shades of Grey HPHere the prints are in the same terrible light with the greys I got.  They’re all sitting on black.  I didn’t include the yards of black and white that I bought in the picture.

I need some good natural light before I decide which of the greys I’m going to use.  Some don’t look pure grey.  I love Fat Quarter Shop, but I wish they’d use stickers to label the individual cuts of fabric, to make it easy for me to identify which grey is which (the names are all fairly similar–different ways of saying “grey”).

Your thoughts about the prints (vs white with embroidery) are welcome in the comments!