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Obligatory First Post

So, here I am, starting a blog.

I’m going to focus mostly on sewing, with some quilting.  (And maybe some other stuff because I also knit, crochet, embroider, and make jewelry–but not lately.)  I dunno.  Let’s see how it shakes out.

What?  You need more?  Okay.

I’ve been sewing way more than usual this summer, mostly practical things for kids.  For some reason, I want to share what I’ve been working on, but I don’t really have local people who care about such things.  I started following some awesome quilting and garment-sewing blogs and I got inspired.

I’m sure I’ll get to blogging about this summer’s finished projects eventually, but I’m going to start from my current project and go from there so I don’t get all bogged down in documenting what I’ve already done.

I’m a beginning sewer (and quilter), so this is a journey of discovery for me.

Come along!