Seventh Grackle

And, as a bonus, the very first photo I have of the project that eventually became Molting Grackles:

This is every image I could get out of the 8″ x 8″ test swatch I had of this small grackle fabric.  The larger squares are 2″ and the smaller are 1″.  I thought I’d make a mug rug or something.  Contrast the photos of the layout in this post.

Looking at it now, I could have just spread the found small squares out at the bottom to make them an even width with the top, cut papers the right size to fill in the background and used a very dark blue and bound it in same and DONE, cute little mug rug.

But no.  I had to get more grackle fabric and on and on.  I am the master of scope creep.  I’m making good progress, though, so I’m happy.

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