First Pumpkin Block

With all of the orange fabrics on hand now, I couldn’t put off starting Sec’s pumpkin quilt (I’m calling it “Pumpkin Patch” because, really) any longer, even though I’m a little intimidated by the piecing (and pressing) I’ll need to do for each block.  They’re improvisational and forgiving, but I like to feel I have a handle on what I’m doing.

First Pumpkin BlockI don’t like it.  And I couldn’t get it to lay flat for the picture, even after pressing the heck out of it.  That bottom right corner just keeps flipping up.

The pumpkin itself reads too small to me (even though this block is well over 12″), likely because of that HUGE leaf hanging over the edge.  It looks like an orange apple.  I should unpick those seams and cut the extra part of the leaf off, but I just can’t find the energy to do it.  I like the way the scrappy white-on-white background looks, though.

Bleh.  I worked so hard on it and it’s my first real quilt block.  I guess I can just put it on the back of the quilt.  Since it’s a bed quilt, the back won’t show much.

I guess I learned what not to do.  Now, only a bazillion more.  I exaggerate.  I only need half a bazillion more, since it’s a toddler bed quilt.

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